Kafka Exhibition at Harvard

Klamm - Pavel Schmidt

Klamm too sits upstairs in his room, silent and unanswering, waiting for K. to give up his concentrated purposefulness. [The Castle – Kafka]

During an imminent business trip to Boston I’m hoping to make time to visit Harvard to see this exhibition. The exhibition runs from September 13—October 16, 2011. I’m equally fascinated to visit the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, completed in 1963, which is the only building on the North American continent designed by Le Corbusier.

On September 13, the Sert Gallery of the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts will open its doors to reveal the exhibition “Pavel Schmidt: Franz Kafka—Verschrieben & Verzeichnet,” a series of 49 sketches by Pavel Schmidt that investigate the problematic relation between Kafka’s texts and reality. The exhibition embraces Kafka in all his frustrating duality, arguing that the human mind, not just the human Kafka, distorts reality in unexpected ways.

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