A Textual Reality

We live in a textual reality

Texts, I am suggesting give meaning even to the contingent and fleeting events of our lives, and that is one reason why we value them. But the conditions of our being come to us already scripted, textualised, shaped in patterns into which we fall, almost like actors given a script that they must follow. The human condition is a condition of textuality.

What we call realism, then, in literary works may be nothing more than a reading of those “scenes of language” that shape the actual world and turn its inhabitants into characters upon a textual stage. That is, literary realism may be most real when it represents events that are already “scenes of language.”

The Reading the World chapter in Robert Scholes’s The Crafty Reader is a reminder to read and reread Barthes and Baudrillard. Scholes’s book has acquired more substance during subsequent contemplation.

1 thought on “A Textual Reality

  1. You might like this free book on the texuality of reality

    “A Prolegomenon To The Study Of The Mystical Elements In The Anti-Essentialism In Post-Structuralism, Postmodernism, Feminism And Queer Theory”

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