The Other Side of Thought

There are so many passages I might have selected from Nancy’s Corpus, this dense, demystifying discourse on the body in its widest sense. I shan’t write further at this time about Nancy but will explore his antiphilosophy or nonphilosophy further.

Rock: under this body cadence of body, it turns out that our world has deployed a rhythmical world-wideness, from jazz to rap and beyond, a crowd, a proliferation, a glut, a popularity of postures, a zoned, massed, electronic skin, which, if we insist, we can certainly call noise, because in fact it is, to begin with, background noise arising where forms no longer hold sway, no longer make sense (social, common, sentimental, metaphysical)–and where, to the contrary, aesthetics will have to be reworked at the level of bodies with naked senses, deprived of reference points, disoriented, disoccidented, and where arts have to be reworked, through and through, as the technē of the creation of bodies. Yes, noise: it’s like the other side of thought, but also like the rumblings in the coils on the body.”

Jean-Luc Nancy, Corpus (trans. Richard A. Rand)

6 thoughts on “The Other Side of Thought

  1. This looks like a fascinating one, Anthony. (That single first sentence of the quote is a bit of a tour de force, too.) Very much involved with ‘the body’ at the moment so looks like a book to explore. The bringing together of body with external noise is a dilemma in dance/performance, certainly, while creating the movement first and finding the right noise to accompany it.

    • What I loved most about Corpus is the sense that Nancy and by extension the reader is in dialogue with a lengthy philosophical tradition from Aristotle onwards, yet Nancy does not perform philosophy.

  2. I don’t think I get what you mean by ‘perform’ philosophy. Maybe that was a joke (if so, forgive my tin ear); maybe you mean that the passage you chose is as more of a prose poem than it is analytical. What did you mean? AnnieJ

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