Deleuze‘ s Lines

‘For we are made of lines. We are not only referring to lines of writing. Lines of writing conjugate with other lines, life lines, lines of luck or misfortune, lines productive of the variation of the line of writing itself, lines that are between the lines of writing.’

— Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus (trans. Brian Massumi)

[There is satisfaction in returning to a work you once found all but incomprehensible, and read as poetry, only to find that this time perhaps your thinking has in some senses caught up and you are able to read with greater clarity, or that is at least how it feels. It’s probably illusory.]

4 thoughts on “Deleuze‘ s Lines

  1. No illusion at all, but very well seen. This work of Deleuze/Guatari shares the same aesthetic maturity as many contemporary artists and their work. It serves as a reading key for some of the greatest masterpieces of contemporary art, be it literature, music, painting and performing arts…
    Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks for commenting, It is immensely rewarding to read and feel one is reading a work at the right time. It sends me back to other books I read at the time in the hope of unearthing buried treasure.

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  2. Absolutely. I remember trying to read Zizeks parallax view and not really getting at and then about and I tried that to her three times over maybe six or seven months. And then one time I just picked it up and it all made perfect sense.

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