7 thoughts on “Library Additions 13th January 2012

  1. Thank you (and your commenters) for revealing Agota Kristof for me. Does anybody know if L’analphabète was ever translated into English? It may be worth struggling through it in French otherwise.

    As part of some post-writing research that I’m doing around a character in my own first novel due to come out in the fall, I’ve been looking for Budapest-based Hungarian fiction that touches on the 1950s — films, too. Recommendations welcome. Would be even better if the work has a plausible female character or two.

    Just reading and being seduced by Magda Szabo’s The Door, which isn’t really about 1950s except tangentially, though it qualifies on other accounts.

    Read Gyorgy Konrad’s Caseworker only, but I know he wrote at least one late novel that deals with 1956.


    • Thanks for your comments (your blog is a relatively new discovery, and I enjoy it very much),

      Agota Kristof is an unknown to me at the moment. I’ve just come to trust Stephen Mitchelmore’s recommendations.

      I can offer no information to help your research, but would suggest you ask George Szires, on Twitter or his blog.


  2. Funny, I had to look up the original title of the Quignard book in french because it sounded so implausible. I guess “terror” has a whole different connotation in English these days (at least to this non native speaker, that is). I was visualizing some sort of suicide bomber eroticism.


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